About Grow and Prosper

Grow and Prosper is a family owned and operated business located in Poolesville MD, with over 15 years of experience.

We guarantee our clients exceptional customer experience from start to finish.

Our crews of expert landscapers and masons will take their time to offer an excellent and satisfactory outcome.

We take pride in our reliable and trust worthy service. We greatly appreciate our clients and care for them – join our happy customers and become part of the Grow and Prosper Family.

About the Owners:

Wilfredo Portillo
Came to this country at a very young age and was determined to learn and work hard to achieve the American Dream.

He started as an employee and quickly showed a unique quality of workmanship which elevated him to manager position and gained him the trust of his clients, partners and community.

After subcontracting for about 15 years with the company he grew up with he started his own company.

He will not stop until our client is 100% satisfied.

Monica Mendoza
Owner – Landscape Designer
Was born and raised in Montgomery County – Washington D.C.

Went to school to become a fashion designer and married Wilfredo Portillo in 2011 from who she learned about the landscaper life – turning her creativity and love for art and drawing into completely opposite from the runway – landscape design and installation. Her love and passion for art will definitely leave you with a beautiful landscape.

Grow and Prosper Crew
Our loved Landscapers and Masons – our employees are much more than that. They form part of our family and they care as much as we do to leave our customers with happy faces and a great mowing all the way to a sturdy retaining wall.